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Lars is very thorough, and covered hard to reach places like attic, roof top and crawl space. The inspection report provided by Lars is very detailed, yet super intuitive. Every issue reported by Lars has high resolution photos attached to help illustrate the problem, accompanied with text explaining why it is an issue. Lars is also very patient with questions. When I asked what is the plastic plate above my fireplace, he went ahead to unscrew the plate to confirm his theory that the plate covers a Murphy tube for TV cables. After the inspection, he followed up over email to ask me if I have any questions over the report and offered to help answer any questions in the future. I strongly recommend Lars for any home inspection.

I'm very impressed with Lars' inspection over my new house prior to purchase!

Ziyu, Bothell

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A floating home inspection mirrors the observations and reports that we conduct for a full home inspection. While floating, these unique homes have many of the same structural and mechanical components as homes on land. That said, floating homes are nuanced so it’s critical that an experienced team is hired for the inspection. Floating home inspections are an inspection from “the deck up.” We work with divers inspection teams to assess the state of the floating home underwater and educate our clients so they have a full understanding of both the “above deck” and underwater report. 

Floating Home Inspections

A pre-offer consultation typically takes place when the offer review deadline is fast approaching. If you’re a buyer who needs to make a quick decision on an offer, a pre-offer consultation is a great option. The focus of a pre-offer consultation is to identify any major issues with the home. Typically a buyer, client, or prospective buyer follows the inspector, asks questions, and takes photos and notes. A post walkthrough analysis can also be done over the phone.

Pre-Offer Consultations 

Also known as a one-year inspection, this inspection allows homeowners to have any blemishes, flaws or issues remedied prior to the warranty lapsing. This inspection is best left to a certified home inspector familiar with performing warranty inspections. We will look at your home from foundation to roof, and everything in between. A warranty inspection will give you the opportunity to find any problems that were caused by the builder, and get them fixed at no cost to you, because they were discovered while the home was under warranty.

Warranty Inspections 

A new home inspection includes the same rigorous observations and reports as a full home inspection. These inspections are critical for home buyers. They provide an opportunity to catch sloppy or erroneous work performed by a subcontractor, protecting you from significant costs down the road. During a new home inspection our team also looks closely at new appliances like water heaters, furnaces and kitchen appliances keeping an eye out for factory defects, which are common. 

New Home Inspections

During your home inspection we observe, report and walk you and your real estate agent through the current condition of your prospective home. As a certified and licensed home inspector we meticulously inspect the heating, cooling, plumbing and electrical systems of a home. We also thoroughly inspect the home’s structure (framing and foundation), siding and trim, windows, decks, appliances, vents, insulation, roof and look for any fire or safety issues. At In Depth Home Inspections we also look for evidence of insect, water, fire damage, or any other issue that may affect the property's value.

Full Home Inspections

Taking place prior to the listing of a property, a seller's inspection allows sellers to make any necessary repairs and minimizes the chance a buyer’s inspector finds an issue that can derail the sale. A seller’s inspection covers the same rigorous inspection parameters as a full home inspection. If you’re a seller looking for a seamless, drama-free sale, a seller’s inspection is just what you need!

Seller's Inspections 

Home Inspection Deliverables


A photo speaks a thousand words. We offer high resolution photographs as part of your home inspection report. Annotated with red and orange indicators of our findings, you'll know exactly what you're looking at in your report. 

High Quality Photos 

With us you won't have to wait days for your home inspection report. With In Depth Home Inspections you can expect your report within 24 hours. In most cases you will have your report emailed to you the same day as your inspection. 

Fast Reports

We don't make our clients jump through any hoops when it comes to understanding pricing. We take pride in transparent pricing prior to the commencement of your home inspection. 

Transparent Pricing 

Color coded navigation tabs make our digital reports easy to navigate. Simple to understand and easy to read, our reports come with detailed pictures and illustrations making our findings and any problems we've identified clear and simple to digest. 

Extensive Reports



We begin the inspection by reviewing the site and exterior of the home. 

Begin Inspection 

Our team will meet you and your agent, or a chosen representative at the home at the scheduled date and time. 


Before we begin the inspection any items from the seller's disclosure should be shared and discussed in detail with your inspector. 

Review Disclosure

Your home inspection will begin on the top floor and the inspector will work down from there. 

Indoor Inspection 

Feel free to call or email our team with any questions you may have abour the home or the inspection report. 

Ready to jump in?

If the home includes an attic or crawlspace, those areas will be inspected last. 

Attic & Crawlspace

Once a thorough inspection of the home has taken place and all of your questions have been answered it's time for a recap. This typically takes 10-15 minutes and offers another opportunity to ask questions. 

Inspection Recap 

Your home inspection report will be emailed to you within 24 hours of the inspection. 



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visual & informative reports


Our mobile friendly report will land in your inbox within 24 hours of your home inspection. Easy to read, color coded and accompanied by high quality photos and illustrations, your report is a thorough account of the inspection findings.  


Lars has done many inspections for me and my clients. He is very knowledgeable, professional and courteous!

Chris Byler, Northlake Windermere Real Estate, 25 years experience

Realtor trusted

Lars has done a number of inspections for my clients and they are always impressed with how thorough and knowledgeable he is! I highly recommend him!

Brie Groves, Lake & Company 

Realtor trusted

I've worked with Lars on several inspections and found him to be thorough, competent and pleasant to work with. I will certainly recommend him and work with him again.

Joyce Juntunen, Seattle Coldwell Banker Bain

Realtor trusted

Lars is superb and very thorough. You can tell he really loves his job and takes it seriously. He does what is best for the client and goes the extra mile to make sure everyone involved feels safe and secure in his findings. He explains everything in great detail and the reports are easy to read. I would highly recommend Lars and In Depth Home Inspections for all your inspection needs. 

Deanne (Dee) Wilson, Bothell Keller Williams

Realtor trusted

Lars is my highly recommended property inspector.Very punctual and efficient. It is always a pleasure to work with him every time. And he makes me and my client have a thorough understanding of the houses inspected with his rich knowledge and patient explanation.

Tony An, Skyline Properties

Realtor trusted