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Take Advantage Of Your New Home's Warranty

what is an 11-month warranty inspection?


Scheduling a full home inspection prior to the expiration of a builder's warranty is a smart decision. Even a new home can have defects and it's important to have your home inspected thoroughly to catch them before it's too late. We will inspect your home from the foundation to the roof looking for any blemishes, flaws or issues that may have been overlooked. Most, if not all, of the problems are the responsibility of the builder when your home is under warranty. 

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Can I Skip A Warranty Inspection?

There are risks involved with skipping this inspection. These days, many new homes are built quickly and builders make mistakes. A warranty inspection is designed to uncover these mistakes and have them fixed at no cost to you. If any defects are found once the warranty has lapsed the homeowner is responsible for any costs associated with the repairs. 




Once the warranty expires, the cost of repairs become the responsibility of the homeowner. 

Defects and flaws can cause long-term damage to your home. 

Added Benefits Of A Warranty Inspection 


You could save money by scheduling a warranty inspection before the deadline hits as defects found under warranty will be remedied at no cost to you. Our team is eager to share our tips and recommendations for maintaining your home for years to come. A warranty inspection only takes a few hours and within 24 hours you'll receive a full report about each component of your home. 

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